About Us & Our Strengths-Based Culture


You Matter. We Care.


"To lead with care and award-winning excellence in navigating the journey of self-direction"


We develop employee talent in a strengths-based culture where collaboration, curiosity, finding the win, and passion honor the best in FMS by empowering choice and control in self-direction.


CDI’s unique strengths-based culture integrates strengths development into our mission, vision, values, and processes; as well as into how we support the individuals we serve because YOU MATTER. WE CARE.

Providing financial management services is much more than accounting to us, it's all we do, it's what we are passionate about; giving 100% of our focus and attention.

Our Employees Strengths

e2grow Exceptional Workplace Award

CDI Earns Distinguished Worldwide Recognition of Exceptional Workplace Award 2022

CDI puts people in the heart of their purpose, culture, leadership, and everyday operations. With all the systems and processes CDI chooses to continually develop each person's potential, resulting in an engaged workforce and organic business growth. CDI integrates strengths-based development into their mission, vision, values, and processes, as well as into how people work and collaborate daily.

e2grow Top 10% Employee Engagement Award

CDI Earns Distinguished Worldwide Recognition of e2grow Top 10% Employee Engagement Award

CDI puts people first and we choose to continuously work on enhancing our systems and developing managers to create thriving individuals and teams.

CDI is a workplace where people get purpose and meaning from their work and have ongoing coaching-style conversations with their managers.

CDI is proud to be in the top of how we achieve this, as, according to our Gallup Employee Engagement Measurement, we belong in the top 10% of teams and organizations in the world!


CDI e2grow Certified Coaches

Jacklyn K

Internal Strengths Coach

Becky Voller
Becky V

Sara DG

e2grow is a digital platform and strengths-based global community that provides the tools, mindset, and inspiration to set our leaders up for success in sustaining the momentum of our continual improvements in key success indicators of employee engagement, accountability, empowerment, and trust; setting us up to provide the best customer experience.

As e2grow certified Strengths Coaches, Jacklyn Klaphake, Becky Voller, and Sara Draxler-Gainsforth are recognized as being fully qualified to lead our company, teams, and individuals through the e2grow digital platform tools to continue to build and advance greater self-awareness, clarity around goals and development of talents that allow us to show up in the best versions of ourselves.

This team of certified coaches works with CDI employees to onboard them onto the app and become familiar with how to use the strengths resources for both their own and their team's profiles. Employees are then assigned tasks to allow them to share how they've utilized and applied their strengths in various scenarios and situations.

CDI uses the e2grow platform to help bring a common language to understanding our strengths-based culture; build effective communication throughout the company; assist in breaking through limitations of day-to-day operations; promote a positive feedback environment; and maximize team collaboration and solution-based problem-solving.

e2grow allows CDI to apply our individual and combined strengths to the next level of teamwork and customer service.


You Matter. We Care.