ALS Tomassoni Grant

Employee Portal

Welcome to your employee portal!

This portal is where you can access important instructions, resources, and more to manage your employment under ALS grant recipients.

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    Payroll Resources

    Employee Self-Service System

    The Employee Self-Service (ESS) system is where you can access your paystubs, sick and safe balances, and other payroll related items.


    Timesheets are due every other Monday by NOON; see the payroll schedule for the due dates.


    Instructions for Filling out Timesheets:

    Want timesheet reminders?

    You can opt-in to our timesheet due date reminders by texting ANEWDIRECTION to (888) 854-1559

    Updating Your Tax Status, Personal Information, & More

    Do you need to update employment information? We are here to help! Whether you want to update your name, address, W4 or direct deposit, we can help you do that. There are a few ways that you can update your information with us:

    1. Fill out the forms below (digitally or on paper) and return to us via email or mail. Please email forms to
    2. Fill out the contact form using the purple button  below to send an email to us requesting the information change.
    2024 W-4 Form
    2024 MN W-4 Form
    Direct Deposit Form
    General Information Change Request Form

    Health and Safety Resources and Information

    Filing a Work Comp Claim

    We understand accidents happen, and when they happen on the job, you have the right to file a workers comp claim. In the event you are injured on the job, please contact us as soon as possible to file that claim. If it is an emergency, please seek medical attention immediately. We ask that you contact our HR department within 24 hours of the injury occurring.

    HR Department:


    Sick and Safe (ESSL) Information

    MN employees earn 1 hour of Sick and Safe leave for every 30 hours worked, maxing out at 48 hours and resetting July 1st of each year. You can find your ESSL balance on your paystubs or in your ESS portal.

    Sick and Safe information and resources:


    Other Employee Resources: 

    Required Training for New Hires

    These trainings were completed upon hire and do not need to be reviewed thereafter, however we have linked them for you here in the case you would like to review the information.

    Vulnerable Adult
    Maltreatment of Minors
    Data Practices
    Federal Anti-Fraud Requirements (DRA)
    Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)