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Client and Managing Party Portal

Welcome to your client portal!

This portal will contain all the information you need to manage your program participation and employees.

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    Hiring New Employees

    Where To Find Care

    If you are struggling to find employees or need assistance finding them, DHS provided a list of ways to find care workers:

    Request A New Hire Packet

    Congratulations on finding someone to hire! You can request a new hire by contacting your program coordinator or you can fill out this contact form. Please note at this time, employees must be 18 or older.

    New Hire Packet Request Contact Form: 

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    Updating Your Personal Information

    Do you need to update employment information? We are here to help! Whether you want to update your name, address, W4 or direct deposit, we can help you do that. There are a few ways that you can update your information with us:

    1. Fill out the form below (digitally or on paper) and return to us via email or mail.
    2. Fill out the contact form using the purple button  below to send an email to us requesting the information change.
    General Information Change Request Form

    Update Your Personal Information Contact Form: 


    Timesheets are due every other Monday by NOON; see the payroll schedule for the due dates.


    Instructions for Filling out Timesheets:

    Other Resources: